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Hedgehogs in Tinker's Bubble Woodland Here at Pentref!

We are so proud to have been chosen by West Wales Hedgehog Rescue as a release site for lovingly cared for Hedgehogs who will now contribute to advancing the population in the local area.

The ‘Tinkers Bubble’ woodland area backing on to the glamping meadow was decided as the ideal spot for release into the wild.

Meet Barney & Choccy, siblings ‘Moose & Foxy’ among others who have made themselves at home right away! They have been hand-reared since they were tiny babies by the amazing trained volunteers at the Charity, here is what they look like when they are tiny! 😍🦔💚

We will continue to put a small amount of food out for them at dusk for the next 6 months or so, for more info including cute videos please see our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Another huge thank you to all the wonderful people at West Wales Hedgehog Rescue, who have lovingly nursed these amazing creatures back to health and even raised some of them from babies! We could not have been more honoured to be able to take part in this and share our surroundings with a new hedgehog population. There are more on the way to our woodland as soon as they are up to weight and fit to hunt our local slugs :) 🦔🌲🌳

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